Wednesday, February 28, 2024

UV transfer from one mesh to another in Maya 2024

 To transfer uv map from one mesh to another, follow steps below.

1. In Maya, select source mesh and shift select receiving mesh.

2. When both meshes have been selected, choose "Mesh" in the menu and select "Transfer Attribute" box.

3. See image for settings.  "Vertex position" should be "on" if you want the mesh to be shrink wrapped to source mesh.

4. Click "Transfer" then delete history by "Edit > Delete All by Type > History".  Done.

Sunday, February 18, 2024

Substance Painter Smart Material (Stylized Visual)

To achieve a stylized look on the textures in Substance Painer, follow this basic settings.

and this is the what overall layers looks like..

Start by adding "Fill Layer" (Base) and select "Color" and other channels if needed
The base has a "normal" layer setting

This is what the channels looks like on the Base layer

Edge Highlight needs to be set to "Linear Dodge (add)" on the layer setting.
Add Mask Editor generator, and make parameter adjustments.

Gradient should have "Overlay" layer setting
Add a mask and add Mask Editor generator

Fill Gradient should also have "Overlay"layer settings
Add a mask and add Mask Builder - Legacy generator

Saturday, February 17, 2024

Normal OpenGL vs DirectX

 This is how normal map is map to Mesh normal (OpenGL)

This is how OpenGL green channel looks like.  Y is up.

And, this is how DirectX green channel looks like.  Y is down

Unreal Engine uses DirectX format.  When textures are imported to Unreal and the normal map looks like OpenGL format, Simply change it in Unreal like below:

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Zbrush GoZ not working or Can't find GoZ export file

You can reinstall the default GoZ like this:

1.Rename the Pixologic folder at C:\Users\Public\ to PixologicBAK. This keeps a copy of your GoZ installation in case you need to restore anything.

2.In the C:\Program Files\Pixologic\ZBrush 2021\Troubleshoot Help folder, run the GoZ_for_ZBrush_Installer_WIN.exe file. This will rebuild your GoZ installation.

3. Start ZBrush and press Preferences>GoZ>Force reinstall. Make sure you choose the correct path for the application you want and make sure you select “Install”.

4. If the application is not found then use the Preferences>GoZ>path to button to select the path. Make sure to select “Install” when the option appears.

Credit to Marcus Civis

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

FBX model importing in at -90 X rotation in Maya/Unity from 3ds Max

I know it's probably a bit too late but I found a fix with 3ds max. Okay so I figured it out!

1. In 3ds Max rotate your model -90 degrees on the axis that appears wrong within Unity. (For

me it's the Z axis)

2. Use reset XForm on the model in 3ds Max to reset it's rotation to 0.

3. Rotate the model again 90 degrees in 3ds Max to bring it back to it's correct state.

4. Export!

For some reason Unity needs the model to have +90, if it doesn't it automatically rotates it... but if the model already has a +90 degrees rotation it does nothing and you end up having your model rotated correctly and it's transform all 0.

Answer updated*

Tony_T, Nov 21, 2019

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