Thursday, October 12, 2017

신의 목소리

우리는 신께서
던지시는 햇살의 소리를 듣는다. 인간이
침묵이라 부르는 것의 목소리를

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Cubebrush Challenge SYMON

SYMON, a character greatly inspired by Metal Gear Solid video game.  Originally, my intention was to make him Gothic plus machine.  More like Gothic cyberpunk.  I think along the way I got side tracked and made him more Syfiish than original idea.  With time strain (excuse excuse..) I didn't do much research and just moved forward with what ever popped in my head.  When I have more time I like to spend building a story for my characters. It would be cool to see their life in their own world.

Concept work for the SYMON

Zbrush sculpt of the SYMON

Early render pass from Keyshot

Detail sheet of the SYMON

Final render of the SYMON