Monday, October 7, 2019

Objec Paint in 3ds Max

Object Paint Setup

1. Click this "Toggle Ribbon" to bring out the "Object Paint" menu on top.
2. "Object Paint" tab needs to be selected
3. Paint type.  You can select between "Paint with selected object" or "Paint with object on the list".
4. Add object to paint list.  You can also choose how to paint.  Selected Obj, In Order or Random
5. Whatever object is on top of the list is the one that will get painted on.
6. Normally "Select Object" to paint on. "Offset" is the distance between painting objects to a surface.
7. I like 50 on the x axis.  This rotation is same is "A"
8. Scale of the paint object.

Now paint with your brush

Friday, July 19, 2019

Zbrush Group Split with mask and Edgeloop Masked Border

Don't you hate it when you want to split an object in Zbrush using the mask but you get jagged edges around the objects? WTF.. well, here's how to make clean edges on the split objects out of the mask.

Nice and clean mask..

and.. WTF when you Group Split

Now when you split the polygroup, each polygroup will have clean edges around it.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Zbrush 2019 : Dynamesh and mirror don't work due to scale of the sub-tool being too big

Zbrush 2019 : Creating a 3d mesh from the currently selected tool and skinning-modifiers will produce a mesh with zero number of vertices and polygons

If you get this message while trying to dynamesh your model?  Your model is too big.  Scale it down using "size" under "Deformation" tool and try dynamesh again.  It should work.  I don't understand why Pixologic doesn't address this issue and hopefully they do.. until then this should work.

Select a subtool you want to dynamesh and go to Size under Deformation

 Drag the slider all the way to left so it reaches -100 (you can choose differnt number but its easier later)

Now do dynamesh, mirrior or whatever you need to do then go back to Size under Deformation.  Now you are going to bring back the subtool to an original scale so it fits with rest of the subtools. To do that just drag the slider back all the way to right 100.  Done.

Your Welcome!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Mac Pro 5,1 Project

When Apple first introduced Mac Pro all-aluminum chassis, I thought it was just amazing and the design was just perfect.  Immediately I knew I wanted it.. but it was mac.. most of the software I used were Windows.  Sadly, I had to let go and move on.

The love for mac pro always lingered around me. I decided to find similar chasis as the Mac Pro.. thats how obsessed I was.  I found Lian Lin chassis looked closest to mac.  Great chassis and I loved it so much it stuck around until the last year, 2018.  I now have Thermaltake level 10 limited edition.

However, The love for Mac Pro 5,1 never left me.. The damn machine still looks good.

That was maybe more than decades ago.  I thought I would never fulfill it.  Until, recently I was able to purchase Mac Pro 2010 from this lady off of Facebook marketplace for $75.  She was a very nice lady.  That was kind of start for me to see what I can do with this timeless piece of machine that never gets old. At least to my eyes.  I dug around youtube and google to see what I can do with it and interestingly there are many people still using this machine and even upgrading to the max.  It's not cheap to upgrade this thing by the way.  Some are selling fully upgraded Mac Pro 5,1 for $3000 on eBay.  That's almost as powerful as the latest PCs.

.. continue