Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Zbrush 2019 : Dynamesh and mirror don't work due to scale of the sub-tool being too big

Zbrush 2019 : Creating a 3d mesh from the currently selected tool and skinning-modifiers will produce a mesh with zero number of vertices and polygons

If you get this message while trying to dynamesh your model?  Your model is too big.  Scale it down using "size" under "Deformation" tool and try dynamesh again.  It should work.  I don't understand why Pixologic doesn't address this issue and hopefully they do.. until then this should work.

Select a subtool you want to dynamesh and go to Size under Deformation

 Drag the slider all the way to left so it reaches -100 (you can choose differnt number but its easier later)

Now do dynamesh, mirrior or whatever you need to do then go back to Size under Deformation.  Now you are going to bring back the subtool to an original scale so it fits with rest of the subtools. To do that just drag the slider back all the way to right 100.  Done.

Your Welcome!


  1. Thank you so much for this had been trying to fix this all night :)

  2. Thank You for this.
    In my case, the size adjustment made no difference. (Not surprising, since my only subtool was a polysphere imported from lighbox, one of the default tools that comes with zbrush.) What's messing things up, it seems, is that I have spotlight running, displaying a reference image. If I SHIFT-Z to temporarily hide spotlight, and then dynamesh, it works fine; if I have the reference image displayed when I try to dynamesh I get the aforementioned error message. (I've gone into the Brush palette and turned off 'Spotlight Projection'). Weird.

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH i've been having this problem for a long time and it was really grating, i would never have guessed the cause was spotlight. thanks for nothing zbrush

  3. Thank you Sam for that last solution, It's the same for me, Spotlight image (even with project disable) messes dynamesh up!