Saturday, January 17, 2015

New place with soundproofing issue

Already mid January...
bought soundproofing insulation for my apartment. My apartment is right next to a major road and the traffic noise from outside penetrate right through the single layered windows. Night time is not so bad but morning traffic hour is just unbearable. I don't understand how they could possibly think single layered window can block all the noises from major road traffic. Spoke to apt manager but no answer yet. So I decided to take this matter to my own hands. I did a quick research... (should have done longer ㅜ___ㅜ )and bought construction insulation that you put in between walls. I thought I could tape it on the windows and be done. But amount of research time I spend adversly back fired with failure... nice. The material they used to build this thing is like a "dustball" and completely ignores the tape adhesive. This thing comes in 60'x12'x3'... weighs about quarter pound and easily rips apart. Its impossible to make this work. I gave up.. I need alternative to complete the task. Found one luckly.. however.. I'm investing more time researching. Wish me luck.

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