Friday, April 5, 2013


"fyi, the reason people often advise letting it sit for a few months is to let the natural oils of the cedar wood to dry out before you apply any sealant. This is particularly true of cedar fencing which comes from very new growth cedar and has alot of oil. I have done both on scores of feet of cedar fencing. My advice is to let it sit through the summer and then in the autumn, when it is generally drier, wash the cedar with a mixture of mildew killing solution and then use either Cabot's Autstralian timber oil or Thompsons. I'm partial to Cabot's."


"We had a cedar fence installed last year (early summer) and let it "dry" for the summer. Used a stain sealer in the fall (Behr) and after the winter it looks like I just finished staining it."

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