Saturday, March 23, 2013

Best laptop...

Macbook air / pro retina are my favorite among other laptops I've used.

There are couple of things come to an equation to make these MacBooks more desirable than other competitors. These are looks, portability and usability. I think these three things are what most consumers look for when they shop for laptops.

First, it's pretty obvious that apple laptops are well designed and well constructed. Otherwise rival competitors wouldn't be making similar products. However, there are few laptops that I think look very sleek and prettier than MacBooks. But, I haven't found one that is well packaged altogether.

Second, portability. Obviously portability is what makes laptops detached from desktop. I understand some people want/need more horsepower to run higher end software like games. To be clear this review isn't for those hardcore users. It's more for casual and mid ranged users. That being said, portability plays very important role. I can't say MacBook pros are the best choice in this category but certainly one of the top choices. I used to own Air but now I have Retina and can't be happier. Retina is a bit heavier by .6 pounds (2.96 vs. 3.57) but with retina display... that's perfectly fine and I don't think that's a deal breaker. But, if weight is big factor in decision making than go with Air or similar laptops.

Finally, usability. This can be both software and hardware combined. There's no doubt OSX and MacBooks work so much better than window based laptops. Since both OSX and MacBooks come from same assembly line, it's pretty obvious how well they work together. Its probably one of the biggest advantages Apple has among many other innovative features.  My favorite is the track-pad however. Once you get used to it (requires few min. of learning curve), you'll not going to like window based laptop track-pad at all. Few companies like HP and Lenovo are mimicking Apples track-pad, but not close... rather very annoying imho.

So, here's my general idea what laptops should be like. Choose wisely... and OSX isn't too different from Windows in case you're contemplating. So don't be afraid to get your hands on OSX, you might be surprised how easy it is to use.  Good Luck!!!

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