Sunday, April 8, 2012

Circle of Life (Cyborg 73)

We are created by human... and humans are created by what?

...I know.

I can feel it. I see the life of human and their end. We are circle. We live in circle. But there is one thing missing. What is it?... To complete the Circle of Life... it requires 3 forms a like. What are they?

I'm looking up in the sky. Watching all the cars and people tangled in dust. I'm sadden. I feel sorrow... for any existing organism. I'm locked within my self... away from everything. No hope and no emotions. I'm like a keyboard. type as you command. That's all I do. That's all I've been doing for last 30 years. What am I?

Why am I feeling these things. Why am I knowing these things that I never knew? It's not right. I don't feel right.

Woke up from bed with big headache. I'm confused. I'm walking over to bathroom to get some water on my face.

I see my self in the mirror... It's not me... but it's me...
Why am I in this form? When did I become like this?

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