Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Transformer Prime tablet...

Simply amazing. Top of that the android 4 ice cream sandwich makes the system very stable and fun to use. Love every bit of it. Also, just picked up docking station, which works like a laptop when put together.  I had doubts before I used android based tablets but it's starting to get pretty clear that apple has real compeatator.  One of many things i like android tablet is that you can use it like a pc if you want.  for example, if you want to post something on the craigslist with pictures. you can with android, but can't with ipad. the limited accessbility of your ipad makes it difficult for users to do certain task and that's pretty annoying.  Certainly, ios is still the best OS for tablet and close to perfect minus the limitations i mentioned above but, in a long run android is going to have wide range of user IMO.

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