Saturday, April 23, 2011

Plastic water bottles safe?

Been busy with work and DW taking most of my time at home... I really don't have time to go anywhere even grocery shopping:(... I'm eating whatever I have in the refrigerator at the moment and drinking Brita filtered water.  Last night I noticed however, the filter for the water jar has been expired... I ordered new ones from Amazon but it'll take few days to be delivered.  So, I need to either get bottled water or just drink off from expired filtered water.  I used to buy packs of bottled water all the time until I heard about plastic water bottles leaching out chemicals.  It's really worth reading and educating yourself so you are aware.  here's the link.  I'm also planning to order stainless water bottle soon so I can refill and carry it around.  last but not least, if you are planning to get yourself one of those water bottles to refill, make sure you do some research because from what I found aluminium bottles also leach out some chemicals where as stainless is safe from leaching chemicals.

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