Monday, December 13, 2010

How to Live in a World Where Everything You Desire is Already Yours

Create Future

Today we will discuss on one method. You can use it to change your life using the law of attraction. Scientists say we can do the time travel and so if we go into the past or into the future what will happen? When speaking about his new book Dr.Kaku said, if we go into the past, you may visit yourself. But wait a minute that person looks like you, his genetic structure may be just like you. But he is not you.

The common human tendency is that when we think about other person we think that, he can do it. Anything is possible for him. But when we think about our self we think, no I can't do it. So you may be heard in a world famous movie 'the secret' that, everything is already present in this universe you just have to focus on what you want. Now, we are going to take the advantage of this common human tendency and the quantum physics.

Trick To Experience LOA

Think about yourself in a parallel universe. But the person in that parallel universe is not you. He has just a perfect life. Observe him. He can do anything because he is not you. He just looks like you, but not you. He hasperfect love life and relations. He isrich. His health is perfect and stable. He is so satisfied and happy. He is perfect in using the law of attraction. He is just a real magician. Everyone wants to become like him.

The interesting thing is that you are imagining him as another person. So he can do everything in his life. But at the same time he just looks likes you. So your brain considers it as you in a future. So your future becomes just like that in a parallel universe. This is one very good technique and you can use it to change your life. Just observe that parallel universe over and over. Slowly your parallel universe becomes your real universe. You will find yourself in that same healthy and lovely situations that your twin enjoying. So enjoy your life and just focus on the things that you want. Have a nice day.

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